Voted “Best Place for Therapeutic Massage in the Best of the Valley Advocate’s Reader’s Poll” for the past four years, The Healing Zone brings to Salon Herdis a team of highly qualified massage therapists whose goal is to help you feel your best! Therapeutic Massage helps relive stress and anxiety, can help to relax tight muscles and increase range of motion, and can reduce mental fatigue – which in turn improves your energy level and can improve your quality of life.

The Healing Zone at Salon Herdis offers treatments for a wide range of clients: from athletes in training to people with chronic health issues as well as pregnant women to oncology patients and their caregivers or anyone seeking the stress relief offered by a quality massage. Owner Nanci Newton and her associates have extensive training in various forms of massage so clients receive exactly what they need. Therapeutic massage isn’t a quick fix, it is a trusted treatment that can have a positive impact on even the most challenged clients.

  • Seated Massage: $1/minute (15 min. minimum)
  • A simple and affordable stress reliever, focusing on neck, head, shoulders, back and arms. A great add-on service to any visit to Salon Herdis!

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • 30 min. $45

    60 min. $85

    90 min. $120

    Therapeutic Massage is an excellent choice for general relaxation, with deeper focus work as needed for discomfort, work stress, targeted injury area, or simply relaxation.

  • Neuromuscular Massage: $85
  • Pressure is applied to specific trigger points or areas of pain to release “knots” and promote muscle movement. Helps recovery and rehabilitation for injury and chronic pain.

  • Prenatal Massage: $85
  • Specialized attention on safe and comfortable positioning using effective techniques to reduce pain of muscles in hips, back and legs caused by increased weight and physical changes of pregnancy. Learn at-home techniques for better sleep and easier movement.

  • Oncology Massage: $85
  • Specialized, compassionate touch using safe and effective massage techniques for anyone with active cancer, in treatment, or a cancer history. Great for family, friends, and caregivers, too.

  • Pediatric Massage: $45
  • Kids love massage, too! Learning to take care of one’s body and mind is one of the best lessons you can teach a child, and massage can play a big role in that learning. A great gift for the active or stressed young person in your life! (18 or younger)